Ask for helpping to compile compiler-rt, thanks

Dear Everyone;

I am an engineer that design compile project with LLVM and encounter 64bit Multiplication, division Issues.

I read the LLVM documents and add the compiler-rt library to solve the problem above.

But when I compiler the compiler-rt library, I always encounter compile errors as attachment.

It seems a compiler check error, and many solutions to solve it.

I tried many method but fail until now.

Could you give me some suggestion to solve this issue.

My developing environment is Ubuntu 20.04, LLVM version 10.0.0, Clang version 10.0.0

Thanks a lot .

Best Regards

compiler-rt-error.txt (4.44 KB)

Just compiled compiler-rt OK on Ubuntu 20.04.

cd /home/??/Documents/llvm-project

rm -rf build

mkdir build

cd build


ninja &> /home/??/Documents/ninja.log

ninja.log ends with

[3790/3791] Linking CXX executable bin/llvm-readobj
[3791/3791] Generating …/…/bin/llvm-readelf

There may be some other aspects that need tweaking but let’s start with the above.

Let’s see your command sequence,

Change ?? as needed.

Neil Nelson