AsmParser for instruction

I’m trying to add new instruction and a new register class:

def EE_BITREV:  EE_Inst24<(outs QR:$qa ,AR:$axr), (ins AR:$ax),
                   "ee.bitrev\t qa ax", []>

When disassembling: ee.bitrev q1, a1 I get Match_InvalidOperand for the q1 operand. When looking at the file in MatchTable0 I have: { 374 /* ee.bitrev */, Xtensa::EE_BITREV, Convert__imm_95_0__imm_95_0__Tie1_1_1, AMFBS_None, { MCK_qa, MCK_ax }, }, which is not what I’d expect since we have register class QR in the instr definition above.

Does anyone have an idea what I might be missing for this to be treated as reg operand and not immediate operand?

I think the assembly string also needs to have dollar signs to match up with the operands. Without that it expects literal strings (converted to a token).

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Thanks, you were right.