Assembly Change: implementation keyword no longer recognized


Just a note to let yo know that CVS Head has been changed so that the
AsmParser no longer recognizes the "implementation" keyword and
AsmWriter no longer generates it. The grammar has changed to require the
"define" keyword for function definitions which obviates the need for
the implementation keyword. This has been the case for a couple months
now, but we never removed the keyword. It is now gone and so your
previous .ll files with implementation keyword need to be updated. The
llvm-upgrade tool will remove the implementation keyword.



I've reverted the assembly parser change so that "implementation" will
be accepted. This is to provide a grace period for you to update
your .ll files. Please remove the use of implementation in your .ll
files as this keyword will disappear in < 1 week. Note that the
AsmWriter will not generate this keyword any more.



The "implementation" keyword is no longer recognized by LLVM AsmParser
as of now.

You were warned about this 10 days ago (see email below).