Assertion fails with a FIXME message: file bugs?


I am getting assertion fails from clang with messages containing FIXME,

clang: CodeGenTypes.cpp:497:
void<unnamed>::RecordOrganizer::addPaddingFields(unsigned int):
Assertion `(RequiredBits % 8) == 0 && "FIXME Invalid struct layout"' failed.

Should I file bugs for those with a testcase?

I got the above message when trying to codegen this (looks like it
doesn't like the bitfield):

typedef struct blob {
   unsigned int isNotEmpty : 1;
   int *ctx;
} fileblob;
fileblob * fileblobCreate(void) {

Best regards,

I filed on that assertion...
that said, bitfields are known to be broken. I remember reading
somewhere someone was working on it, but I don't remember the details.