Assertion Failure (!isIncompleteType() && "This doesn't make sense for incomplete types"); for int [] type

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I am trying to fix the above mentioned assertion for a failing gcc testcase.
g++.dg/c++0x/variadic103.cpp testcase ( attached )

Patch added is as follows in TemplateDeclInstantiator::VisitVarDecl function of SemaTemplateInstantiateDecl.cpp

For the above testcases an error should be thrown for incomplete types having an initializer with zero elements.

if (!DI)
return 0;

  • Expr* Arg= D->getInit();

  • InitListExpr *ILE = dyn_cast(Arg);

  • if(!ILE || (ILE && ILE->getNumInits() == 0 )) {

  • if (DI->getType()->isIncompleteType() || DI->getType()->isIncompleteOrObjectType() ) {

  • if (SemaRef.RequireCompleteType(D->getLocation(), DI->getType(),

  • diag::err_typecheck_incomplete_array_needs_initializer)) {

  • D->setInvalidDecl();

  • return 0;

  • }

  • }

  • }

With above code, there is a diagnostic thrown for g++.dg/c++0x/variadic103.cpp testcase as expected and the "Assertion Failure (!isIncompleteType() && “This doesn’t make sense for incomplete types”); for int type " is resolved, however some other assertion in isa_impl_cl occurs while running clang regression on c++ googletests file ( )

Appreciate any inputs on this for me to proceed further.


  • Jyoti (693 KB)

I would like to add that, the assertion mentioned in the subject line (isIncompleteTypes()… related ) could be reporduced with a debug build of clang with following cmd line options
clang++ -std=c++0x variadic103.cpp

The second assertion related with isa_impl_cl occurs when clang is built with the patch added as shown above in SemaTemplateInstantiateDecl.cpp.
The bugreport attached contains preprocessed source and script used to run

Appreciate any inputs on this to proceed further.

Thanks !

  • Jyoti