AST problems with multiple declaration in the same line!

Dear all,
I am experiencing a weird behavior when in a C program I write something like:
    int j,k;

For what I see the declaration line should be represented using a DeclStmt node in the tree. And that works fine as my visitor is able to read both the declaration of j and k using the following code:

void TransferFuncs::VisitDeclStmt(DeclStmt* DS){
    for(DeclStmt::decl_iterator it = DS->decl_begin(); it != DS->decl_end(); ++it){
        cout << "VAR DECL: " << (*it)->getNameAsString() << endl;
        if( (VarDecl *VD = dyn_cast<VarDecl>(*it)) )
            SAVE_DECL_STMT = DS;

On, during my analysis I suppose all the statements are included into a code block (which afaik is represented by a CompoundStmt node). What I need to know is the position of the Decl statement in the block of code I am analyzing! In order to find the node... I use the std::find function in the following way:

std::find(block->body_begin(), block->body_end(), SAVE_DECL_STMT);

and guess what? The statement is not found! :frowning: If I split the declaration into 2 distinct lines... like:

    int j;
    int k;

everything works fine, but when declarations are in the same line... my code stop working! Why?
Furthermore, I have also tryied to get the parent of that DeclStmt using the ParentMap class... and it seems that DeclStmt has no parent! How it's possible?

Even when I dump the code, the statement is there:
(CompoundStmt 0x8c5630
  (BinaryOperator 0x8c3de0 'int' '='
    (DeclRefExpr 0x8c3d60 'int' Var='n' 0x8c3960)
    (IntegerLiteral 0x8c3da0 'int' 20))
  (DeclStmt 0x8c3f60
    0x8c3ea0 "int j" 0x8c3ef0 "int k"
  (CallExpr 0x8c40b0 'int'
    (ImplicitCastExpr 0x8c4070 'int (*)(char const *restrict, ...)'
      (DeclRefExpr 0x8c3f90 'int (char const *restrict, ...)' FunctionDecl='printf' 0x858060))
    (ImplicitCastExpr 0x8c4110 'char const *restrict'
      (StringLiteral 0x8c3fd0 'char [15]' "My rank is: %d"))
    (DeclRefExpr 0x8c4030 'int' Var='rank' 0x8c3450))

regards, S. Pellegrini