Atom editor crashes when linking lldb

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been seeing an issue for a few months now that is quite frustrating. When building llvm with the lldb submodule pulled in, something about linking lldb crashes my Atom editor instances. It took me a while to figure out the two were related, but now that I’ve realized what was going on I can reproduce it about 1 in 3 builds of llvm/lldb. Within a few seconds of the start of linking the lldb executable the Atom editor will crash.

Has anyone else seen this? I’m not very familiar with debugging these kind of cross-process issues, so if anyone has tips on how to investigate that would be handy.

This is on Ubuntu 14.04 with llvm and lldb source from around the Sep. 2016 timeframe, with Atom 1.5.4 (newest released version for Ubuntu).