Attaching documentation comments to macros


Another question: Has there be any work going on regarding attaching doxygen-
style comments to macros as well? Right now, that (still) doesn't work.

I've noticed that this was part of the "Future work" section as in [1].

/// Foo
#define FOO 1

/// Bar
int BAR = 1;

$ clang++ -cc1 -ast-dump test.cpp
`-VarDecl 0x300d420 </home/krf/devel/src/playground/qmainwindow-cmake-
template/src/mainwindow.cpp:5:1, col:11> BAR 'int'
  >-IntegerLiteral 0x300d478 <col:11> 'int' 1
  `-FullComment 0x300d540 <line:4:4, col:7>
    `-ParagraphComment 0x300d510 <col:4, col:7>
      `-TextComment 0x300d4e0 <col:4, col:7> Text=" Bar"

=> Right now just generates a "FullComment" decl for BAR. But it should also
do that for "FOO".

Would be nice to get this feature in Clang!



Hello Kevin,

There have been no progress in attaching comments to macros.