Automating Analysis Pass at linktime question [liblto] [safecode]

Hello all,

I’m a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin and we’re trying to come up with a general way to run our whole program analysis over programs that may use different methods to perform the build. I saw some discussion that liblto could be used for this (and safecode successfully did it) for llvm 2.6 - 3.0, but that doesn’t seem to be working the same way with llvm 3.1+. Is it still possible to install our pass into liblto directly anymore? Is there perhaps a better way to have the linker intercept and run our analysis not using liblto?

–Henry Abbey

I’m originally from Wisconsin. Go Bucky! We’re successfully using libLTO with SAFECode mainline which is now tracking LLVM mainline. What platform are you on, and what problems are you having? Is the issue that the linker isn’t running libLTO at all, or is the problem that the linker is not loading your modified version of libLTO? I don’t know of anything better than libLTO. – John T.