Avoid/reduce re-compilations of source files for multiple passes

Hi all,

I run a front end action using the ClangTool::run( … ) API on a C codebase. The action starts with a given functionof interest, and within it finds more functions of interest, and visits those. Thus, I make multiple passes over the code-base. Hence, the outline of my approach is:

Create ClangTool tool
// set some initial target function, and then execute the loop:

while(new target functions found) {
tool.run (front-end-action that visits functions )

The tool seems to execute the compile commands for each pass, even though the compilation units don’t change. Is there a way to avoid this re-compilation of the same files? Or is there a better way of doing what I am trying to do?


Can you pull that loop inside your ClangTool's code, rather than repeatedly
running the tool?

-- James

Hi James,

I am not sure if that would give me correct results? I want to find and visit all the functions called starting from one source function. Given that clang creates one AST per TU, I would need to visit all the relevant TU’s to visit definitions after some functions to visit are identified in a pass.

Maybe I am doing it in an inefficient manner? Is there a way to visit function definitions in translation units without creating a RecuriveASTVisitor?