AVR Backend Code Review


Last year I created a merge request - ⚙ D114611 [AVR] Expand STDWSPQRr & STDSPQRr, approach #2 - that fixes a long-standing issue in the AVR backend, making it compatible with the Rust compiler back again.

I’ve got one review from Dylan McKay (AFAIR the current caretaker of that backend), to which I’ve adjusted the code, and since then Dylan has gone radio silent (not sure if he hasn’t got enough time anymore or something, but I haven’t been able to reach him on any platform :cry:).

Since I care about that merge request (and I’m planning on publishing more in the future), is there a way for somebody else to take a look at it and merge it / what’s the process for this kind of situation?

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Though I’m not an AVR expert, I can help you take a look

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