AVR bot seems to be having trouble

The llvm-avr-linux bot seems to be failing for some internal reason, every build fails within a few seconds.

I wouldn’t have noticed, but as I work through the lit tests to convert over to the new scheme for looking at triples, there was one “XFAIL: avr” test that actually passed. But clearly nobody would notice.

Tagging people who’ve worked on AVR lately: @aykevl @benshi001

I’m currently relocating so don’t really have the time and energy right now to take a closer look, unfortunately.

Not sure why the bot is failing. It indeed looks like an internal error, something that might be fixable by rebuilding the image? Certainly not something directly related to AVR.
I didn’t set up the buildbot and don’t know much about the buildbot infrastructure so can’t say much else.

Which test? I do run lit tests quite frequently and didn’t notice such an issue.

I modified llvm/test/CodeGen/Generic/2003-05-28-ManyArgs.ll here
I was using triple avr-- and building on Windows.