Bachelors Thesis Work

Hi! I’m looking for an idea for my bachelor’s thesis.

My original topic was on the optimization of open source package libraries, in release applications, in C# by making a fork of MsBuild. But the total amount of work vs the redution of library sizing isn’t enough for a bachelors thesis.

As well as this, the tree shaking methodology that i was going to propose seems to have already been implemented to a certain extent.

My literature review and analysis and design focus on the ideas of compiler optimization. Which is why i can’t change to a different topic. and have to do something related to optimization.

I have experience with SSA tools and C, I have browsed the topics on the Open Projects page of the LLVM website, however i don’t have enough experience with LLVM to guage how long a particular topic would take to work on.

I have about 5 weeks to complete my implementation, I am quite confident in my programming skills but i just don’t know what to work on.

I would really appreciate any advise i can get! thanks for taking the time to read this!!