backend asm printer prints the operands of function call in .s file

Hi, All,

I know this sounds kind of meaningless, but is there a way to let the backend asm printer print the operands of a function call in .s file? Because I’m working on a source-to-source compiler right now, when I have a function call, I hope I can dump out the params in the .s file. It’s not possible to make a customized pattern matching for function call like this :

def CALL : InstMy<(outs) , (ins i32imm:$addr, GRRegs:$src1, GRRegs:$src2),
“invoke $addr, $src1, $src2”,
[(my_call i32:$addr, i32:$src1, i32:$src2)]> {

because the number of parameters and type of parameters are unknown.

Any hints/suggestions are appreciable.