backend define a register with multiple types


I want to define a register with multiple types for a particular backend. I checked the for ARM backend, which covers this case. I tried to do the similar thing but I got errors when I build the backend.

I did this as following:

In the, I define the register class like this:

def GRRegs : RegisterClass<“FOO”, [i32, f32], 32, (add R0, R1, R2, R3)>;

In the, I define the instruction like this:

def ADDINT: InstFOO<(outs GRRegs:$dst),
(ins GRRegs:$src1, GRRegs:$src2),
“add-int $dst, $src1, $src2”,
[(set i32:$dst, (add i32:$src1, i32:$src2))]>;

def ADDFLOAT: InstFOO<(outs GRRegs:$dst),
(ins GRRegs:$src1, GRRegs:$src2),
“add-float $dst, $src1, $src2”,
[(set f32:$dst, (add f32:$src1, f32:$src2))]>;

Then when I build the backend, it gives me this error:
error: In ADDFLOAT: Type inference contradiction found, merging ‘i32’ into ‘f32’

I appreciate if if anyone can point out my errors or give me any suggestions to make a register with multiple types works?



Please ignore my previous email. I find the error is due to a typo in my code. In ADDFLOAT should use ‘fadd’ instead of ‘add’ for pattern matching.