Backend for new VM architecture

Hi everyone,
I’m looking to create a LLVM backend for new VM architecture I’ve been working on for a few years already (part-time project).
At this point, I have a decent custom made C toolchain around it (assembler, linker, VBCC port, IDE, crude debugger).
To test drive things, I’ve been coding a simple multitasking OS for it, as a proof of concept, and it’s holding ok.
Since it’s my intention to build a commercial game using these VMs (similar to the defunct 0x10c), I’m looking into having a C++ toolchain for it, to add educational valuable.

With my day-time job, I don’t have time to do everything on my own, so I’m willing to pay someone to help me out with a LLVM toolchain. Depending on price, of course. :slight_smile: It’s pretty much a side project anyway.

In short, it’s a 32-bits RISC-like architecture (16 integer registers + 16 floating point registers), inspired by a couple of new and old architectures.
Take a peek at :

I know it’s not much information about what I’m looking for exactly, but just to break the ice, I need to contact people comfortable creating LLVM toolchains for new architectures, and then discuss details.
The architecture has proven ok so far, but its not set in stone, and I can change things to better suit a C++ compiler if necessary.

I’m a senior programmer comfortable with low level things and how C++ features translate to assembly. So I know that to have a full C++ experience (exceptions, static initialisers, etc), we need an OS up and running.
But I’m looking into letting people use C++ for bare metal, even if it means they can’t use some features until there is a proper OS in place.

Fire any questions at me.