Backend Legacy PM Usage --- Help Needed!

I’m no expert and there might be another thread but as far as I can tell the backend porting effort to the new PM has been stopped.

This is particularly bad now that we remove test coverage for the old PM throughout the optimization pipeline.

At this point I only see two options:

  1. We come together and get rid of the old PM everywhere with dedicated time spend on this task, or
  2. we just accept it will never happen and stop pretending it will, with all the maintenance cost associated with it.

There’s already been some work towards this, the patches have just been stuck in review. was landed, but reverted and never reapplied

Slightly incorrect here - this was reverted and relanded a few times, but it eventually stuck. I did mention at the dev meeting I’d start looking at these, so I’ll start going through these reviews today or Monday.

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