Bad state of release 3.7.1?


My colleague downloaded and built 3.7.1 version of lldb on Linux. When we used it to attach to a normal process(like sleep), it just hangs forever:

bin/lldb -n sleep
(lldb) process attach --name “sleep”

And my private built 3.8.0 version works fine.

Just to confirm, is 3.7.1 a bad version? Is there any known issue about it?


Btw: here is the source that we built lldb from:

direct link

Thanks David.
I am new to lldb group but it’s kind of surprise to me that the lldb on the official release page( can have such big problems(can’t attach/launch). Don’t we fully test lldb before we post on the official website?

Btw: is there a fix that we can cherry pick? Or is it safe for us to build lldb 3.8rc1 with llvm3.7.1?

r246756 has a fix, if you are comfortable applying it. It’s a large patch. In theory it should back-port but I have not tried it.

The API gap from 3.7.1 to 3.8 is quite minimal, so you should be able to get your applications running with 3.8 rather easily if they are running on 3.7.1 already.

Hello Jeffrey,

we did test 3.7 before letting it out, bug this bug was fixed only
after the release date, so the fix is not present in 3.7. I think you
have a couple of options now:
- backport the patch to 3.7: should be pretty easy and I expect it to
"just work"
- llvm 3.7 + lldb 3.8: this won't work out of the box as llvm
interfaces have changed. I don't think it would be too hard to make it
work, but you would be in totally unsupported waters there..
- switch to lldb 3.8: probably the easiest solution. Note that you can
still use llvm 3.7 in other parts of your toolchain, if you need it.
The only requirement is that you build lldb with the matching version
of llvm.