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Hello All,

I am new to LLVM , i have gone through the LLVM official page and found interest in developing LLVM Backend. On other hand i found difficult in starting the development .Can anyone suggest regarding the same.
Also mention prerequisite required to learn LLVM.

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Hello Parth
Very welcome to our community!

First, try to build and install the LLVM project by following GettingStarted guide.
Design decisions that shaped LLVM article by Chris Lattner (author of LLVM) help you to understand the project evolution.
Getting Started with LLVM Core Libraries book is very useful to understand LLVM in a structured way. There are various exercises like building your first LLVM project and writing a new LLVM pass that helps to get your hand dirty with LLVM.

For getting involved in LLVM developments you should know how to use dev tools like git, make and have an intermediate knowledge of C++.

Feel free to ask questions if you stuck anywhere.

Hi Parth,

we started to collect tutorials on different topics in our (llvm) youtube channel.
There are beginner tutorials and more advanced ones already.