Beginner issues

I’m looking to make my first contribution to LLVM.
I would like to look into vectorization passes.
Where can I look to get started with this?

OK, I’ve found The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project, and those sound swell. Anyone recommend a way to proceed?

Bumping this thread - if anyone knows of people looking for helpers in the vectorization area, I’m all ears.

@lhames and Vassil Vassiliev:
I’ve read that you were in involved in the GSoC project for updating the JIT tutorial - is there any way that I can contribute?

I don’t know if that’s a good beginner project but I’d like to help how I can.

You can talk to lhames/vassil on discord. They are very active there and can tell the scope of project. The project is still open. I think you can start by just fixing a typo and sending a patch to

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Oh that’s awesome! Thanks you so much! Which Discord server is that?