Benchmark tests

Is anyone using the benchmark tests? None of the command line options related to the benchmark tests were claimed as being used by anyone. Which makes me wonder if the tests are even being used by anyone.

What I really want to know is: Is it really ok to delete the -x and -y command line options? And what is the status of these tests? Does anyone use them?

Hey Jason,

Are you the benchmark user?


I have actually added a few benchmark tests recently. We admittedly are not that good with running those tests ever (because they’re not run by default most likely - and I do wonder if some of them would take a long time to run… I don’t think I have ever run the full set, just my own as I increment on performance work).

When you do run the benchmark tests, what command line options do you use? At the moment I’m mostly just trying to remove dead options from the test suite. I removed one already that allowed you to specify the benchmark executable, but then when I started looking at the rest and seeing how tightly integrated they are with the benchamrk tests in general, I started to wonder.

The three benchmark related command line options are:

  1. An option to specify the benchmark executable (defaults to lldb.exe)
  2. An option to specify the breakpoint spec (defaults to -n main)
  3. An option to specify the breakpoint iteration count (defaults to 30 I think)
  4. An option to specify that you only want to run benchmark tests and no other tests.

I deleted #4 because you can use the category system for that. I deleted #1 because nobody said they needed it on the spreadsheet. Nobody said they needed #2 or #3 either, but I just want to double check that deleting them is fine.

FWIW, nope, I've never messed with the benchmark tests.

Historically I would do