Bitcode generated with LLVM 7.0 used in LLVM 3.4


I need a concolic execution framework based on LLVM. As far as I know, KLEE might be the best choice. However, KLEE(the stable version) is based on LLVM 3.4.

I compiled my code with the latest LLVM, whose version is 7.0. Anyone know whether the bitcode could be used by KLEE. Or do I have to compile with the old version of LLVM again. Furthermore, if you have any other concolic execution framework, please recommend it to me. Many Thanks


As far as I remember the bitcode format changed during 3.4 and 7.0 so BitcodeReader might broke, just saying

LLVM 7.0 can probably read and compile bitcode from 3.4, though some optimisations may be missed.
3.4 definitely cannot read bitcode from later versions.