bitcode with llvm-gcc (mingw) for windows


i’m currently building a small JIT compiler.
For the language I need a runtime library for some special math functions.
I think the best would be to compile the lib to bitcode and link it.
The compiler should be integrated in a product and as of this, it must work under windows (VC10, 64bit).

So is it possible to build the math lib with the mingw llvm-gcc build an link it later with the JITed Code?
Or are there any problems regarding the portability of the bitcode build with llvm-gcc under mingw?
If there are problems, what solution would you suggest.


Sounds reasonable. Just read the bitcode from the filesystem and pass
the module it yields to the JIT when you create it.

IR generated by C frontends isn't portable (they lower things like
sizeof and handle certain elements of ABI compatibility), so the
bitcode would be restricted to the target you compile it for.