Blessing llvm-vs-code-extensions with a blue checkmark

The llvm-vs-code-extensions publisher account is used to publish VSCode extensions to Microsoft’s marketplace. This currently includes the clangd and MLIR extensions.

Microsoft now offers a blue checkmark (like twitter) to denote “official” extensions, so people feel safer installing them.

I’d like to mark this publisher ID as official for the domain (We can’t associate subdomains like {clangd,mlir} Does this seem reasonable?

This requires DNS based authorization. The steps are:

  1. Create a TXT record in your DNS configuration for the following hostname:
  2. Use this code as the value for the TXT record: 523c3043-8860-4d1d-874e-1806b611257d
  3. Wait until your DNS configuration changes. This could take up to 72 hours.

(BTW, the ACL for this account is currently a bit ad-hoc, 4 people have access. If someone from the foundation wants to be added as an owner, I can arrange that).

+1 on that proposal.

@akorobeynikov IIRC you had permissions for such changes, right?

Are there other extensions that should also be part of the official release channel?
Looks like the other VSCode extensions containing the string LLVM are not part of the LLVM repo. So I suppose that’s all of the official ones.

Yes, it would help to have the Foundation some account here. Will you please arrange this? We can add DNS afterwards certainly.

Sure thing, you’ll need a Microsoft account (Microsoft account)

Please let me know the email for the account(s) I should add.

AFAIK these should be individual accounts and there’s no concept of group/organization beyond the publisher itself.

(The publisher is an object in the system rather than an account one can log into directly)

Please add the LLVM Foundation board address.

Thanks Anton. Adding sounds fine. (Just want to confirm mail sent to that address is private enough as people who can reset the account password can perform releases).

Unfortunately “add-by-email” seems to be currently broken in VSCode marketplace. Instead we need the user ID. Can I ask you to log into VSCode marketplace, hover over the username in the black title bar, and copy the user ID that appears? Then I can add it directly.

(This sounds suspicious, but here’s the docs: Walkthrough: Publish a Visual Studio extension - Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Docs)

Here we go: ba105b9c-9d84-66b6-acb6-f8e70ba817e0

Thanks, added LLVM Foundation as an owner!

The TXT DNS entry was created, thanks!

Much appreciated! The automatic verification worked, now waiting for manual approval on their side.

Do you know if there is a way to control the appearance of the account? E.g. some logos, etc.?

Yes, you can edit them under (Get there via marketplace → publish extensions → details).

I’ve filled in the basic fields now (it was mostly blank before).

(It’s also unfortunate that the publisher ID is llvm-vs-code-extensions instead of just llvm - I think this was set up without a complete understanding of what the namespace is, and is hard/impossible to change for existing extensions).

Ah, great, thanks!

This has been approved, see e.g. here

Thanks again!

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