Blind submission policy?

Hi everyone,

I just put together an extended abstract for a technical talk I'd like to give at EuroLLVM in April. The developers meeting website's submission guidelines don't say anything about a blind submission process, but the the HotCRP submission system does say that submissions are blind.

I wasn't planning to anonymize my submission because it refers to my previously published research, links to talk slides and my GitHub repository, and because I know that several members of the PC would recognize my work.

So I'm wondering: Is there actually a blind submission policy in place?


Hi Gergö,

I believe this is a misconfiguration in hotcrp, as we have never done it in the past and there is no way we can guarantee the blind policy — our community is pretty small, so even anonymizing the submission would fail as you pointed out.

I’m checking with the PC chair what was really intended.

Please submit your paper as is.

Kind regards,
Arnaud de Grandmaison

We do want blind submission for the SRC, but unfortunately it isn’t possible to selectively enable it for different categories of submission. The PC chair can deanonymise submissions and most non-SRC submissions are likely to include some deanomymising information. Please submit your proposal as-is - it certainly won’t be penalised as a result of not being anonymous.