Board Meeting Minutes - January 2023

The January 2023 board meeting minutes can be found here:

The contents of the PDF are included here also:

Board Meeting Minutes
Date: January 13, 2023
Time: 9AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations
Attendees: Reid, Kristof, Anton, Chris B, Chris L, Tanya, Kit


  • Approve December 2, 2022 meeting minutes
    • Everyone in attendance voted to approve minutes.
  • EuroLLVM 2023 Updates
    • Will be in Glasgow, May 10-11
    • Double Tree:
      Glasgow City Centre Hotels - DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central
    • Booked for 350 attendees max
    • Waiting for contract to be finalized, and then will be announced
    • Tanya will send out invitation for Program Committee
      • Hoping to have a good balance of PC members that are not planning to submit a proposal
  • Strategic Planning
    • Goal:
      • Set 3-5 year vision for each program the foundation is focused on.
      • Two meetings with the community per program; one North America timezone, other for Europe/Asia (based on feedback/interest from community members)
      • Board members sign up for programs they are interested in, to develop slide deck to present at meetings. The slide deck are meant to drive discussion with community: goals for program, what is currently happening and some seed ideas to drive discussion
      • TODO: Board members please sign up for programs and comment on times proposed
    • Should we have a similar meeting/discussion to establish 3-5 year goals specifically for the Foundation?
      • Consensus from board members is yes, we should have such a session
  • LLVM Meetup Funding [Kit]
    • Agreement that the foundation wants to support meetups
    • An example process to apply for meetup funding:
      • Submit abstract/request containing what will de discussed and what the costs will be.
      • Submit some form of report afterwards summarizing what was done, any readouts, etc. Preference would be a blog post.
      • Part of process/requirements could be short advertisement for specific items the foundation is interested in (e.g., GSOC, Outreachy, etc)
    • TODO: Kit and Tanya will work on a light-weight process community members
      can follow to apply for meetup funding
    • Vote: Approve $300USD for Toronto Meetup - details in email from Jeff Heath
  • 2023 Budget Review
    • Discuss Virtual Proposal
      • Vote: Pursue contract with Virtual.
        Yes from Tanya, Kristof, Mike, Reid, Chris B, Anton and Kit
    • Meetup funding
    • Vote: Approve budget for 2023
      • Yes from Tanya, Mike, Kristof, Chris B, Anton, and Kit

Note: Mike joined at the beginning of the Budget review.
Note: Chris L dropped part way through the budget review.

  • Is there anything the Foundation is able to do to support ongoing CI improvement
    • Background Info from Buildbot roundtable at LLVM Dev 2022: Can we raise the bar for quality? (Reid)
      • False positive build failure email notifications create a bad experience for new developers. We should not support infrastructure which spams developers with low-value mail.
      • Should the Foundation help enforce our existing buildbot policies?
      • See Discourse thread
    • We only briefly discussed this because of time, and didn’t really come to any
      consensus. General agreement that this is an item that can/should be included
      as part of the Strategic Planning for the Infrastructure program (discussed earlier
      in the meeting).