Bots which still pulling SVN will be removed from the staging

Hello everyone,

The following bots which are in staging and still working with SVN
will be removed at the end of the day tomorrow.

* llvm-riscv-linux
* llvm-avr-linux
* fuchsia-x86_64-linux
* fuchsia-x86_64-linux

along with the bots which are still missing dependencies to build from
github and without a sign that anybody actually care of them:

* clang-freebsd11-amd64

Please contact me if you are in the middle of porting and just need more time.



Hi Galina, I haven't been involved in the operation of this bot but
would very much like to see it restored and returned to service;
Nikola are you able to update it? If you could use help with it please
let me know.

It seems email to Nikola bounces. Maybe someone else is able
to update this machine, but if not I'll start looking for a new place
to host FreeBSD bots.

Hello Ed,

Thanks for looking into this!

I have removed the clang-freebsd11-amd64 builder for now. We always can return it back when we would get a computer to run it on.