Broken build

The build is broken, but I can’t tell if it’s my fault. Does anyone have an idea?

Perhaps I should push a revert.

I see many green bots. It’s common for one or another bot to have a failed build, so if it’s not obviously your fault, there’s a pretty good chance it isn’t. That has been my experience, anyway. If I’m not sure, I’ll keep an eye on a bot and see if it goes green on the next build; that seems to be moderately common (transient failure for unobvious reason).

If you want more specific help, please point to some particular bot failures, and the commit you made.


Yep, basically everything Paul Robinson said tere.

A specific change and a specific bot/failure would be needed to try to assess whether you broke anything, though it’s probably unlikely.

If you are interested in reducing the bot failure noise, feel free to start discussions about any transient/noisy bot failures to see if we can all work to address those issues - it helps the whole ecosystem (every now and then I get on that issue, push down some transient failures, encourage contributors and bot owners to tidy things up a bit, etc)