broken build?

Hi Reid,

You've got a TimeValue.cpp which it looks like you just added to lib/System,
but I can't compile it on Darwin because there's no Darwin/TimeValue.cpp.
This breaks my ppc build. I'm not sure what TimeValue was supposed to be for,
so I just blew it away in my tree. Please take a look at this.


This should be fixed. Sorry for the breakage. I forgot to commit a bunch
of files.


Seems to be working now. Thanks.

Here are the FreeBSD and Win32 versions of TimeValue.cpp (along with all
the other Win32 changes I've submitted that have yet to be comitted).

Note there is a bug in all the Unix versions in that the time is not
being converted from the Posix origin of 1/1/1970.

diff.out (10.6 KB)

In the reference manual the VA intrinsics these are reported as taking and
returning va_list in various places when they actually take sbyte*
everywhere it says va_list.

The intention is that va_list can be any type, as defined by the target.
Most of the time it will be some sort of pointer, but it can be anything.
I don't think this is explicitly mentioned anywhere, so if you want to
submit a docpatch for LangRef.html, I would be happy to apply it. :slight_smile: