Broken link for llvm-toolchain-precise-3.9

Hi all,

The link for the llvm-toolchain-precise-3.9 PPA seems to be broken, if
I'm not mistaken:

At the very least, it breaks builds on Travis CI that try to use that
repository because that link 404's.



Indeed, I didn't copy the workaround of bug
I just did it and retriggered the builds.

By the way, precise is end of life in 3 months (April).


Sorry, I'm confused - I'm not sure what that bug has to do with the
link I mentioned being broken.

Thanks for the heads up - hopefully the Travis maintainers pull Ubuntu
14 out of beta by then.


This bug was causing the build to fail. This is fixed and llvm-toolchain 3.9 is now available.


Gotcha, thanks!