[Bug 15521] New: Core file command option

Bug ID 15521
Summary Core file command option
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lldb -v   

User Story?

I have an interactive test suite (python) that runs the actual test functions
in a child process directly after a fork. In cases where I'm working with C
extension modules in Python, cores happen and this allows me to manage them in
the parent process. The test suite runner (parent) is an interactive process
and I currently launch gdb with it's --core option to get the developer
directly into a context relevant to the crash. I would love to be able to do
this with lldb, but my attempts at creating a temporary file with "target
create --core-file /path/to/core /path/to/executable" and execute lldb with
"lldb -s /path/to/my/temp" have so far failed.

In short:

Could we get a --core option command parameter like gdb's? =)

A more appropriate alternative for this particular case may be a feature like
follow-fork, but I could never get that to work in gdb...

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Comment # 1 on bug 15521 from Greg Clayton

LLDB added support mach-o core files a while ago (starting with --revision
150426). There is also a patch for ELF core files that has been floating around
and isn't in yet.

(lldb) target create --core-file <core> [executable]

Also available from the main command line:

% lldb --core-file <core> [executable]