[Bug 16399] gdb -> lldb guide uses -i where it wants -u

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Comment # 1 on bug 16399 from Jim Ingham

The lldb.llvm.org docs describe the TOT lldb.  For TOT lldb (and coincidentally
the version in Xcode 5.0) expr DOES take the -i option, and in fact that is
what you have to use for the described function.  

This is not the case in the lldb with Xcode 4.x, which is presumably what you
are using, but that's not what these docs are describing.

For the purposes of Apple's lldb users, we do need to come up with some way to
distribute the version of these docs appropriate to a particular version of
lldb that we ship.  But that's really more of an Apple issue than an lldb
project issue, I think.