[Bug 17501] There is no way to set argument like -Xxm100m

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Comment # 5 on bug 17501 from labath@google.com

The correct syntax here is:

(lldb) settings set -- target.run-args -X
(lldb) settings show target.run-args
target.run-args (array of strings) =
  [0]: "-X"

It is a bit counterintuitive but it is a consequence of how getopt works and
how we chose to represent the arguments to this command. In any case, this
behavior is correctly documented in the help of the settings set command:

(lldb) help settings set 
     Set the value of the specified debugger setting.  Expects 'raw' input (see
'help raw-input'.)

Syntax: settings set <cmd-options> -- <setting-variable-name> <value>

I am not sure if this was working in 2013, but it is working now, so I am
marking this as fixed.