[Bug 17941] lldb prefers class member to function argument when evaluating expression

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Comment # 3 on bug 17941 from Jonas Devlieghere

(In reply to Christophe de Dinechin from comment #2)
> (In reply to Jonas Devlieghere from comment #1)
> > The XLR language doesn't seem maintained anymore. I can't even find the
> > source code. Closing this as insufficient information.
> Gitorious may have disappeared, but XL still exists and is actively being
> refactored. There is one source repository here: [https://github.com/c3d/xl](https://github.com/c3d/xl)
> (last commit on master was two weeks ago, but that's mostly because I spent
> these two weeks on vacation ;-). There is a copy on
> [https://gitlab.com/c3d/xl](https://gitlab.com/c3d/xl) in case it takes another 5 years to look at this
> bug and github is gone by then ;-)

Thanks for the link, Christophe. I did have a look at the website
([http://xlr.sourceforge.net](http://xlr.sourceforge.net)) but couldn't find a link to the source code. I
thought it wasn't maintained anymore because the last post was from 2012.

> So I guess after reviewing this, you can close the bug again. Just reopening in case > you want to look at the original source code.

Thank you for checking! That indeeds looks like it behaves correctly.