[Bug 21720] New: Implement a DynamicLoader plugin for Windows

Bug ID 21720
Summary Implement a DynamicLoader plugin for Windows
Product lldb
Version unspecified
Hardware PC
URL http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/lldb-dev/2014-December/005956.html
OS Windows NT
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority P
Component All Bugs
Assignee zturner@google.com
Reporter zturner@google.com
CC lldb-dev@cs.uiuc.edu
Classification Unclassified

In order for LLDB to know about work correctly with shared library loading /
unloading, we need a DynamicLoader plugin for windows that receives DLL load /
unload events, handles the initial executable module for launching, and handles
getting the initial set of loaded modules for attaching.

This will allow deferred breakpoints to be resolved at module load time.

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This was fixed a long time ago.