[Bug 23742] New: LLDB pauses 1 second for all stepin/stepover calls

Bug ID 23742
Summary LLDB pauses 1 second for all stepin/stepover calls
Product lldb
Version 3.6
Hardware PC
OS All
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority P
Component All Bugs
Assignee lldb-dev@cs.uiuc.edu
Reporter sonicmouse@gmail.com
Classification Unclassified

Here's how I set it up (pseudo code)

proc = curTarg.Launch("app",stop_at_entry=true);
int nCount = 0;

It doesn't matter if I use stopover, steppin. I get 15,800-15,850 calls and
then every consecutive call to stepin/stepover pauses for *exactly* 1 second.

Doesn't matter if I use an NSTimer to call stepin, run it on a separate thread,
etc... no matter what... i always only get 15,800 calls.

I tried this on 3 different apps... they all do the same thing.

Using the latest release for Mac OS X on Yosemite.