[Bug 25653] New: Cannot inspect const static variable

Bug ID 25653
Summary Cannot inspect const static variable
Product lldb
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simple test case with a const static

Calling "expr" or "target variable" on a constant static global in C doesn't
work. The error is

error: use of undeclared identifier 'limit'


error: can't find global variable 'limit'

It seems the variable is given the 'DW_AT_const_value' DWARF attribute. However
lldb can't find it. If you compile slightly differently so is has a
'DW_AT_location' attribute instead, lldb deals with it okay.

This works in gcc, which produces a 'DW_AT_location' attribute.

To reproduce compile with "clang -g -O0 InspectConstStatic.c"
Then call lldb with the commands:

b main
expr limit

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