[Bug 27652] New: Tests with syntax errors don't get flagged as erroneous

Bug ID 27652
Summary Tests with syntax errors don’t get flagged as erroneous
Product lldb
Version unspecified
Hardware PC
OS Linux
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority P
Component All Bugs
Assignee lldb-dev@lists.llvm.org
Reporter labath@google.com
CC llvm-bugs@lists.llvm.org, todd.fiala@gmail.com
Classification Unclassified

If a test case has syntax errors in it, it will fail, but this will not be
reported as a failure in the overall summary (probably because the
report-test-results-over-socket logic doesn't even get a chance to run). This
means the the failure can easily go on unnoticed.

The failure should be easily detectable by the fact that the subprocess test
runner returns a non-zero exit status. We should probably detect this and flag
any test with non-zero return as failed.

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Resolution FIXED

Comment # 1 on bug 27652 from labath@google.com

I think this was fixed by r269489.