[Bug 37074] New: Can't build libLLVMSupport.a on ARM CPU

Bug ID 37074
Summary Can’t build libLLVMSupport.a on ARM CPU
Product lldb
Version 6.0
Hardware PC
OS Linux
Status NEW
Severity release blocker
Priority P
Component All Bugs
Assignee lldb-dev@lists.llvm.org
Reporter shiftag@nanotek.info
CC llvm-bugs@lists.llvm.org


I have the following issue build LLVM 6.0 natively on ARM and I think its
related to lldb :

labath@google.com changed bug 37074

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Resolution INVALID

Comment # 6 on bug 37074 from labath@google.com

Yeah, that doesn't look like an lldb problem. It looks like a problem with your
system - for some reason your c++ standard library is missing some std::future

In your place, I'd try if I can build a simple program using std::future.