[Bug 40119] New: stop-hook test fails on Windows

Bug ID 40119
Summary stop-hook test fails on Windows
Product lldb
Version 7.0
Hardware PC
OS Windows NT
Status NEW
Severity enhancement
Priority P
Component All Bugs
Assignee lldb-dev@lists.llvm.org
Reporter stilis@microsoft.com
CC llvm-bugs@lists.llvm.org

The test fails because "expr ptr" does not evaluate correctly. More
specifically, ptr is unresolved. The error message produced is:

error: Aborting reading of commands after command #0: 'expr ptr' failed with
error: use of undeclared identifier 'ptr'

which contains "expr ptr" which is what the test is looking for on success. So
the test is counted as passed even though the commands failed. Right now the
test is disabled on Windows in order to avoid the unexpected (and inaccurate)