Bug compatibility option for broken GCC 5 non-virtual thunk mangling


at work we're migrating from RHEL6 to Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) whose system compiler is GCC 5. For ASAN builds we use Clang 4 from the official LLVM apt repository.

Recently we ran into the GCC 5 "non-virtual thunk" abi_tag mangling bug of GCC as it is described in:



The presence of this bug forces us to compile all of our libraries twice: one time with GCC 5 and one time with Clang 4. Now I wonder how high my chances are that someone implements a compile time switch for Clang to emit GCC 5 compatible object files? And getting that change into the stable branch of Clang 4?

Or could you envision a different band-aid like an linker script?