bug reportimg and fixing

Hi @clang,

what is the preferred way to report bugs in order to get them fixed rather quickly. In past times I've sent patches to this list, which then were discussed and finally made it (sometimes modificated) to the SVN. Currently I have two open bugs (in the rewriter component) reported here about three weeks ago . Neither was there any response nor did anything happen in the SVN. Hence I guess the posts were overlooked. Maybe there is a better channel to reach the proper people.

Best regards
Olaf Krzikalla

This is the right place, but posts are overlooked sometimes, mostly
because developers are busy. You can reply to your message to make it
visible if you had no answers after few days. If you have a patch or
know where the bug is in the code, you can do a svn blame and try to
find the owner of the code and add him to CC.

Note that in general patches should be sent to cfe-commit. cfe-dev is for discussion about proper approaches/designs.

– Matthieu