bugpoint usage

Thank you so much for this info.
That's exactly what I want.
But, I'm still not sure about using -g.

Let me imagine I am modifying x86 assembly instructions and trying to test it with 'hello.c' to check out the assembly is properly emitted.
I should type "$ llvm-gcc hello.c -o hello" to have the bytecode of 'hello.c'.
And then I can have an x86 assembly mnemonics with "$ llc -march=x86 hello.bc"
Where can I use -g?
llvm-gcc and llc don't seem to have such an option -g.
Forgive my ignorance.
Would you mind telling me that?

- Seung

Hey, Seung,

That's how it works:

$> llvm-gcc hello.c -o hello
$> llc -march=x86 hello.bc -o hello.s
$> gcc -g hello.s -o hello.exe
$> gdb hello.exe

If you want to debug the pass:

$> llvm-gcc hello.c -o hello
$> gdb llc
[inside gdb] run -march=x86 hello.bc -o hello.s

hope it helps,