Bugs in Getting Started Guide

Hello, Ted.

(*) For a MinGW/MSYS system, is the default /usr/local configure
parameter still the correct one? My MSYS installation doesn’t seem to
have one, so either I screwed that up, or else this isn’t good advice
for a MSYS installation.

Yes, it is. It will be created if it doesn't exist. However, you can
surely select any prefix you want (even with paths of form c:/dir1/dir2,

When running configure with flex and bison installed, I get
“configure: error: cannot find output from flex; giving up”. Not sure
what to do next. Anybody who’s gotten LLVM installed with MSYS and is
willing to walk me through this, please respond offline. I’ll write up
a complete step-by-step guide and donate it back to llvm.org if I can
get an LLVM installation going under MSYS/MinGW32.

Notes are here (version can be out of the date, surely):

However, I won't recommend anybody without prior knowledge of gcc/llvm
internals to compile llvm-gcc by hands. Use supplied binaries. Also
note, that you'll need 2 additional patches for mingw32/cygwin (already
in mainline and in mingw32 binaries tarballs).