[Bugzilla] Is Bugzilla down?


It seems that Bugzilla (https://bugs.llvm.org/) is down, when I using
the search engine.

In case needed, this is full log.

DBD::mysql::db selectcol_arrayref failed: Got error 28 from storage
engine [for Statement "SELECT bugs.bug_id AS bug_id, bugs.bug_status
AS bug_status, bugs.priority AS priority, CASE WHEN
INSTR(CAST(map_assigned_to.login_name AS BINARY), CAST('@' AS BINARY))
!= 0 THEN SUBSTR(map_assigned_to.login_name, 1,
INSTR(CAST(map_assigned_to.login_name AS BINARY), CAST('@' AS BINARY))
- 1) ELSE map_assigned_to.login_name END AS assigned_to
  FROM bugs
LEFT JOIN bug_group_map AS security_map ON bugs.bug_id = security_map.bug_id
INNER JOIN profiles AS map_assigned_to ON bugs.assigned_to =
INNER JOIN bug_status AS map_bug_status ON bugs.bug_status =
INNER JOIN priority AS map_priority ON bugs.priority = map_priority.value
LEFT JOIN bugs AS bugs_g2 ON bugs.bug_id = bugs_g2.bug_id
 WHERE bugs.creation_ts IS NOT NULL
   AND  (security_map.group_id IS NULL OR security_map.group_id IN (-1))
   AND bugs.delta_ts >= '2019-11-14 23:59:06' AND ( 1 = 1 AND
bugs_g2.creation_ts >= '2019-11-14 23:59:06' )
GROUP BY bugs.bug_id
ORDER BY map_bug_status.sortkey, map_bug_status.value,
map_priority.sortkey, map_priority.value, assigned_to, bug_id
"] at Bugzilla/Search.pm line 775.
	Bugzilla::Search::data('Bugzilla::Search=HASH(0x5f31cd0)') called at
/opt/bugzilla/buglist.cgi line 742

For help, please send mail to the webmaster
(llvm-admin@lists.llvm.org), giving this error message and the time
and date of the error.

Looks like it’s working again? At least, I don’t see errors on the front page or doing a text search, or viewing bugs currently.