"Bugzilla – Suspicious Action" when trying to register on bugzilla

I tried to register on bugzilla to report a bug, and got:

“You submitted changes to createaccount.cgi with an invalid token, which may indicate that someone tried to abuse you, for instance by making you click on a URL which redirected you here without your consent.
Are you sure you want to commit these changes?”

I don’t think there’s any problem on my side.

By the way, also, the browser warns about the SSL connection using a weak, untrusted cipher.

Sounds like you're behind a proxy, I've had similar problems with SSL
behind our corporate proxy before.

Can you turn it off temporarily to see if that helps?

- Kim

It should be ok to ignore this, unless you're submitting private
details to Bugzilla, which you really should not. :slight_smile:

But that does raise the question: couldn't we use Let's Encrypt's certificates?


Seems like a no brainer for all our websites.


Cipher choice has no relation to the CA used. It is more likely that for
whatever reason, only a list of very weak ciphers is provided. In my
case, TLS 1.2 with AES in CBC mode is used, which is a decent choice.


Still, using the LE framework should be good enough for most purposes,
and we can create one for each tool, with no additional cost, right?