Build and Test Suite Changes

Dear All,

    This morning, I have commited to CVS my changes for building LLVM
with separate source and object directories. If you're building from
mainline CVS, this will affect you.

    In a nutshell, the --with-objroot option is gone. To use a separate
directory for your object files, you now do it the autoconf way: change
your current working directory to where you want the object files to
live, run the configure script with it's absolute pathname, and then
type "make" in the build directory.

    For example, say my llvm source tree is in /usr/src and I want to
build in /usr/obj. I would do the following:

    > cd /usr/obj
    > /usr/src/llvm/configure
    > make

    This change allows a single source directory to be shared among
several object directories. This will be very useful for those
compiling for x86 and Sparc.

    Also, part of the test suite is now powered using qmtest. You will
need to have qmtest and python installed to use the test suite. The new
configure script checks for qmtest and python, so you should know if you
have everything you need. Visit for information
on qmtest and the version of python required to use it.

    This new build and test suite stuff isn't as polished as we'd like.
For example, lex and yacc output files may still be generated within the
source tree. It should get smoothed out within the next week or so. If
you have any problems, please let me know.

-- John T.