build bot mails

At Arm we are not receiving any build bot mails from

Our IT is a bit in the dark what’s going on here (they don’t see anything in logs, no failures, no connections), their hunch is that is a “DNS (MX record) issue on’s end”. I don’t know who to contact or how to progress this. Anyone perhaps an idea?


We are experiencing the same issue with emails. We used to get them till about June 1 of 2019 and no one has received any build master emails since June. The IT department has looked into this and they similarly see no failures or errors and the emails aren’t being marked as junk or spam.



Hello Sjoerd,

Sorry for the late response.

Does ARM host e-mails on Microsoft Office 365 by any chance? sender was blocked by Microsoft Office 365. This is why Stella was not able to receive her e-emails. I went through the office 365 unblocking procedure and it should be working now.
So, if you use Microsoft as your e-mails vendor you should start getting e-mails from the build bot.

Otherwise please contact me directly and we will troubleshoot the issue from the both ends.



Hi Galina,

Our email is indeed hosted on O365, so that would explain things. Good news is that I did get a report from someone receiving a bot mail again. I think I should have been on a blame list myself, but didn’t get one. Will keep an eye on it, and will let you know. Many thanks for your message and help!