Build errors from trunk


I downloaded the latest snapshot from the trunk sometime yesterday and have been experiencing build errors using VS9. I’m wondering if others are seeing this too. I generated the project files using CMake 2.6.

The first error is on the LLVM truck in the file \lib\Analisys\ScalarEvolutionExpander.cpp at lines 92 and 93. The compiler complains about Instruction::Instruction. If I change that to just one “Instruction::” the file compiles fine. The second error is on the file \tools\clang\lib\Basic\Diagnostic.cpp at lines 354 and 360. The included file ( can’t be found.




I ran into the second one too. There’s a missing dependency on ClangDiagnosticGroups:

Index: lib/Basic/CMakeLists.txt

Committed, thanks!