Build Errors on Snow Leopard (tblgen assertion)

On the trunk version of LLVM I am getting the following build error on Snow Leopard (v10.6.2):

llvm[3]: Building DAG instruction selector implementation with tblgen
Assertion failed: (LHS->ID != RHS->ID), function operator(), file /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/llvm-pristine/utils/TableGen/DAGISelEmitter.cpp, line 183.

… <cut - see full_stack_trace.txt>

  1. Program arguments: /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/build/pristine/Debug+Checks/bin/tblgen -I /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/llvm-pristine/lib/Target/X86 -I /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/llvm-pristine/include -I /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/llvm-pristine/include -I /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/llvm-pristine/lib/Target -gen-dag-isel -o /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/build/pristine/lib/Target/X86/Debug+Checks/ /Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/llvm-pristine/lib/Target/X86/
    make[3]: *** [/Users/peckw/Projects/llvm/build/pristine/lib/Target/X86/Debug+Checks/] Abort trap

I get this build error on every single backend when building the DAG Instruction selector using tblgen. This build error comes from an unmodified checkout of the LLVM trunk repository this morning.

Attached to this email are the full stack trace and some information about the machine and compiler the error was generated on. If I comment out the assertion mentioned in the build error then everything builds correctly. The same configuration options and machine built the LLVM trunk fine one week ago.

config.log.gz (18.4 KB)

full_stack_trace.txt.gz (919 Bytes)

gcc_specs.txt.gz (3.24 KB)

gcc_version.txt.gz (251 Bytes)

Does r97574 fix it?